Chu's Chandra Programs

Cycle 1:

X-ray Emission from Planetary Nebulae: Expectations and Observations PI: You-Hua Chu

Cycle 3:

NGC5471B: A Hypernova Remnant Candidate in M101 PI: Daniel Wang; CoI: You-Hua Chu X-Ray Emission Mechanisms and Evolution of Superbubbles PI: Sally Oey; CoI: You-Hua Chu

Cycle 4:

Supernova Remnants in the Magellanic Clouds PI: Fred Seward; CoI: You-Hua Chu Hot Gas in the Circumstellar Bubble NGC 6888 PI: Robert Gruendl; CoI: You-Hua Chu An Archival X-Ray Study of Shocked Stellar Winds of WR Stars PI: Martin Guerrero; CoI: You-Hua Chu Discovery of Parsec-Scale OB Wind-swept Bubbles in HII Regions PI: Leisa Townsley; CoI: You-Hua Chu

Cycle 5:

An Ultra-Deep Study of M101 PI: Kip Kuntz; CoI: You-Hua Chu

Updated: 2004 Feb 10